Oral Sex For Her Pleasure

A Demo Video + How-to Guide + 10 Day Challenge

  • How finding YOUR pleasure in Oral Sex is better for you (and him!)
  • Watch a 25 minute Oral Sex demo and be moved by what is possible
  • Follow our Ten Day Challenge to Oral Sex enjoyment

“I used to avoid cocksucking. I was always nervous that he’d want it a certain way that didn’t feel good to me, or that I wouldn’t be good at it. What I’ve learned from cocksucking for her pleasure is that when it feels good to me, it feels incredible to him. “
Summer E.

“When she’s practicing what she learned in cock sucking for her pleasure everything she does feels incredible. I don’t care how long it lasts or what happens at the end as long as it feels this good. Now that her desire drives the whole experience I can’t believe what we settled for in the past.”
Eli B.


Oral Sex for HER Pleasure

Demonstration Video* + How-To Instruction Guidebook

24 HOURS of Viewing Time for: $8

What You Will See

oral sex4
This is more than just porn. This is watching a woman treating oral sex like nothing short of a spiritual practice. She does it for connection. She does it to feel her partner. She never does it out of obligation.

Why Most Women Avoid Oral Sex


On the cover of every magazine they tease us about how it turns the guy on. In their next breath they reveal how much they hate doing it.

I don’t want him to cum in my mouth.

He focuses only on his pleasure and ignores me.

The taste and smell gross me out.

It makes me want to throw up.

He grabs my head and forces me to go down on him.

So for many women, sucking cock is a race.

How fast can I get him to cum so it’s quickly over?

Can I be sneaky and use my hand so I don’t have to suck it that much?

The bottom line is that sucking cock is something women do for their guy.

But they hate doing it.

It’s not something they remotely enjoy.

The Power of Orgasmic Meditation

I learned of Orgasmic Meditation from two women. There was one simple factor – do what feels good. What feels good? Are you crazy? I do what I should do. And, can’t you see how well it’s working for me? The possibility of something feeling good, especially to me, didn’t compute. Not words I was familiar with. Not an idea I wanted to have challenge my upper middle class status quo. And, yet, I couldn’t get what they said out of my head. I kept hearing the words… “what feels good to me”.

What You Get For FREE

You’re going to get the following when you order “Oral Sex for Her Pleasure”:

  1. Twenty Four hours viewing time of the original un-cut uncensored movie “Oral Sex For Her Pleasure” with my abbreviated oral track. This video is for study purposes. It will take you some practice to get to this level.
  2. The How-To Instruction Guide “Oral Sex for Her Pleasure”. It’s an in depth how to guide showing you how to turn Oral Sex into one of the most pleasurable experiences we as women can ever have. This is more than a guide. It also includes a 10-day challenge to help you move up the ladder of skill level as quickly as possible.
  3. An invitation to a live online classes where I will walk you through the process and answer your questions: LIVE AND UNCENSORED. This is for both men and women to dive in deep to the world of sucking cock where women want to do it – for themselves.

What are other people saying about Oral Sex for HER Pleasure?

I used to think I was one of those cool girls who liked to suck cock… And then I learned to OM. Over time, I realized what I really had liked was that guys thought I was good at it and it stroked my ego. I learned this because as my OM practice grew, my desire for sensation grew and right along with that, I developed a craving for cock. Now, i just want to feel it in my mouth. I want my lips stretched over the head and feel its slide towards my throat. It’s such a pleasure that I crave it. Not the attention or affection it gains me, but the pure potent pleasure of a cock down my throat.Kim H.
Sucking cock for my own pleasure changed the way I related with men. Before I did it out of obligation or to make him feel good. Now the primary reason is because I have a hungry desire and lust for cock. I take my own pleasure out of cock and it has me love men.Yia V.
The first time I sucked a cock for my own pleasure, I took him all the way into my mouth, and I could feel the pulsing of his cock in my pussy. I had no idea it could be that intensely pleasurable.Lianna
This is new. It’s revolutionary.

This is about awakening your sex AND having it the way that small voice has told you it could be.

It’s a journey we are taking together. Us. As women who are doing it for OUR pleasure.